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Welcome To Integrative Chiropractic & Orthopedic Rehabilitation

iCOR (Integrative Chiropractic & Orthopedic Rehabilitation) has been serving the San Francisco East Bay Area since 2001. Our office provides Comprehensive Holistic Health Care for the entire family. Healing happens from within and it is our task to encourage the body’s innate healing potential through effective, proactive, and safe Chiropractic Care. Over the years, Dr. Aaron and Dr. Eileen have created a healing protocol that is very successful with even the toughest injuries or maladies. This protocol involves careful chiropractic care to the spine and direct adjusting to the injured body along with a case specific nutrition, lifestyle, or exercise routines that are incorporated at the optimal moment in the healing process.

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Meet Our Oakland Chiropractors

Dr. Aaron Rosselle


Dr. Aaron Rosselle earned his Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in 1991. He was a high school teacher and coach before returning to graduate school. He earned his Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West in 1999. His post graduate studies are in traumatic injury and sports injury rehabilitation…

Dr. Eileen Karpfinger


Dr. Eileen Karpfinger has been helping people live healthier lives since 1992, as a Nutritional and Cleansing Coach. Active throughout her childhood and teen years in running and bike racing, she developed an interest in endurance sports as a Junior in High School. She has to date, completed 23 marathons, 2 triathlons, and 1 endurance run of 40 miles. Following…

Patient Testimonials

  • My 16yo has only been to Dr. Aaron twice for migraines and jaw pain and has already felt huge improvement. Where she used to be in a lot of pain everyday she says she now only has fleeting pain but much more manageable than before and can now regain some daily functions.
    My first impression of Dr. Aaron is that he is VERY gentle, experienced and skilled.

    I very much appreciate his office offering a sliding scale and plan on applying for it.
    It’s been most frustrating finding affordable alternatives to mainstream medical drugs and treatment.

    CC B.
  • Dr Aaron and Dr Eileen are great. I love visiting their office when I’m feeling stressed and out of sorts. Their touch helps alleviate the worries from the day. I typically float out of their office, feeling so good. I’ve been fortunate to be relatively healthy over the years. I think this is due, in large part, to adding Chiropractic to my proactive health regimen. After hearing many people’s disenchanted thoughts about Chiropractic, I encourage them to visit Integrative in order to get a holistic approach to health. Their treatments are a great fit for me and my life.

    Anne K.
  • I have been going to Dr. Aaron (and Dr. Eileen on occasion) since a few weeks after my second baby was born to address my post-partum anxiety and depression. I was sold after the first visit because I could literally breathe easier and was given some supplement suggestions that truly worked. I did not want to use prescription medication and never had to, despite my entire family and primary care physician urging me to do so. I started out going every week and now I try to make it in once a month or when a health matter presents itself to me, my husband, or our children. … Read More

    Tianna H.
    Berkeley, CA

  • This is a wonderful practice! My body feels so much better after an initial course of weekly treatment and periodic maintenance with Dr. Aaron. I am so grateful that Dr. Kasim has joined the staff and the clinic hours are extended. Kasim was responsible for putting me back together after I got rear ended in the Friday commute. So glad the clinic was actually open Friday night! Dr. Kasim has a great touch and knew exactly what to do.

    Kate S.
    Oakland, CA

  • I had chiropractic many years ago in south Florida and while it did what I wanted it to do for my back and shoulders (at the time), each and every time I went, the cracking unnerved me. So once my issues were addressed, I stopped going. Fast forward and I moved to northern Cali. over a year ago. I found my new job to be very physical…much more so than I’d expected it to be. Combine that with recently being rear-ended on a drive home from work plus the stresses of a huge move across the country, my body was crying out for help. And Dr. Aaron came to my rescue!!!! … Read More

    Pam S.
    Paddington, Sydney, AU

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Personal Injury Chiropractic Care Oakland

iCOR-Personal-Injury-OaklandIf you have been in a car accident or involved in a major personal injury, let iCOR help you start on the road to recovery. We offer personal injury chiropractic care in Oakland and will work with you to file the necessary insurance claims needed. You are already dealing with the added stress of an injury and possible trauma from your accident. We want your focus to be on your recovery and receiving personalized treatment rather than worrying about dealing with insurance companies.